Friday, June 5, 2009

A fractured toe on a huckstered(tuckered) day~

Hellow pepoles! My plan of improving forms and flows and recording stuff was sabotaged after a tuckered day of silliness ended up with a fractured toe!1!! weeha! So cool! I did a reverse cork of a intermediate platform and ended up landing with my toe crushing directly end to end towards the wall! But today was very tuckered indeed. With no energies, we all tried out our 3run stuff while finding some new good spots.

But then after I am injured, we went to the centre of the Putrajaya Mosque to trick. I had to learn some new one legged combos. Had to swingthroughs and lands with my right leg cause the fractured toe is on my leftie. And also had to hyper btwist my btwist. Ammar also hypered(super fast twisting and landed while twisting and then twisting while standing) his cork and did a standing slanted gainer(woot!!?!?!)

Overall it was fun because we haven't had any session since like last week. So it was very exciting. How long does a fractured bone heals? Especially this one is just a small part of my toe, it's like at the tip aje. So maybe in one or two weeks I guess. Weee~ Holidays!!! hhahahahah

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