Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I told ya one week wouldn't be enough.

One week of my mid-term break holiday goes by just like that. It felt so quick and hopefully I've spent it the way I wanted to spend it :D

Before the semester break, I had to sit for 4 exams. The last exam was the computer 1 exam on Saturday (18th July). Then went straight back home from IIUM PJ.

Hmm, let me see, I was home on Friday(17th) since there's no exam on that day and went back to the campus on Saturday's morning. There's a small session with Siddiq and Amir if I'm not mistaken it's at Putrajaya. Then I'm not sure about Saturday. I believe there's a session but I forgot where cause I remembered Amir told me he had to register on Sunday's morning.

On that week itself, we went to Port Dickson for some tricking/3run session which was super cool fun! Had also some pool session after we tricked near the beach which I then tried a tunnel flip and got back my aerial twist from platform into the pool. It was a fun one day trip. The day after we went to the field next to 7E besides Bangi's garden. Got my corkscrew that day. And Irsyad bailed a roundoff back which was damn scary! Luckily he didn't extend his hand or else it might be another unfortunate events that I myself have to watch. It's not good for the self-motivation. hahahha!

Then I went to JB on Thursday, spent a full day there and oh boy, really it was tiring I tell you. A non-stop training every day, travelling. Man I'm so cooL!
Went to JB and met a lot of cool guys. I had the opportunity to learn a wall inward-sideflip. I also met the Shimura Runners, I lost count of how many members they have in their group, it's a large group up to ten members I guess. They are a very talented lads and are really daring. Another very memorable trip to JB. Sad I didn't meet all of the guys last time I met in 2008. Oh well, it's a one day trip so I wasn't expecting much except training there and have fun and I did had alot of fun!

Enjoy this video Kuyem compiled :D Thanks man. I didn't get a lot of good footage from my camera only the wall tricks I recorded. hahahah.!

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