Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh noes! (Welcome to college life!)

You got served! Hi! I just finished all of my quizzes(test) like last week and math was yesterday. So anyway, I just can't believe how quick things goes on over here. It's not like school, I'll be having my mid-term exam next week! Yes!!! It's craziee!!! Wowoyuiwooow!Oowoewa! 14th will be having Chemistry, 15th Maths, 16th Physics and 18th Computer. And all of them will be at nights!! Physics will be for 3 hours, 8PM to 11PM. So cooL! It will be covering all we have learned and once I finish the mid-term exam on physic, for final, what comes out on mid-term won't comes out for final. Wee! But that's only for physics.

Owh and next two days I will be having the quiz number 2 for chemistry! See? In school you got like 2 months something to be tested(monthly test prob.) but over here it's like, once you have the quiz, everything comes down raining on you, the quizzes, the assignments, the tutorials. WOW! And soon I will be finishing semester 1. Blablblabla..

Hahaha!! Amir you'll be a student again! But will you be having lots of shits like this too?

Babi, kat pkmy apsal umur keyrana 20?? fak!! tambah satu digit wei!! fak you!

Last weekly meet-up was awesome! And Kalenji is awesome too!!! :D :D


Keyrana said...

aku mmg umo 20thn la..


Abudi Alsagoff said...

laa... tegan and sara baru nak nyanyi nineteen untuk ko...tapi sbb ko 20taun... tak pak ah!!!!