Friday, July 3, 2009

Trick Session with The 90 Degrees.

Last weekend, I had a session with Andrea Catozzi and his friends. LOL. Well, it's actually Ajwad and the gang. The 90 Degrees, but not all of them were available, 3 of them only managed to join. Nevertheless, it was an awesome session! Tho the grass at TTC feels like shit hard but we still manages to enjoy the session!

Ajwad just came back from Putrajaya, Alamanda, and he's tired. Before the session, it rained abit and the grass are all wet. It's slippery too! Shamim(sp?!) who planned to go to a concert, cancelled his trip immediately to join the session, such cool guy he is.

Anyway, the session was recorded by the Acap, (I apologise for the gay camera skill..hahahaha) and Azam came down to TTC at 6.50PM just to show his just-woke-up-face when he's the one who planned and invited all of us to TTC to Parkour, but then since he didn't show up, we tricked instead. Damn, he and acap are both gay.

Ajwad and his friends haven't tricked for almost half a year. But his 'rusts' are damn good.

Enjoy the videoooo.

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