Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Last Saturday's meet-up was awesome I have to say, around 20 showed up, which is really a big amount for just a training session here. Despite my left toe is still in the healing process(and I've been hurting it alot with accidental cat leaps, I'm hoping it'll heal soon =[ at least it'll be ok for the NFM '09.), the session was just sick with NoX team(90 degrees) around and the other guys from Cheras and Subang. I have a feeling that this Majalah 3's cover on us is gonna be sick.

Alot have went on, I've entered the Slurpeelicious competition, which the results is still unheard of ("YOU MUST DIE, I ALONE AM BEST"). And also their newest Hawaii competition I'm entering (am hoping I win the 40" LCD, or any prizes cause all of them are plain awesome). Recently, the Mister Potato competition, yes I will need your votes from; (Don't worry, I will totally post up a post in the blog once the voting period starts to annoy you guys AGAIN xD . )
29th NOVEMBER - 5th DECEMBER 2009.

oh and I tried my luck with entering the Creative Multimedia's Club competition of the title "Speed Master" and all I can say is that I ruleth. :D The competition is easy, they provide you with a laptop with the speedtest site and you'll have to type as fast as you can infront of them (everyone's watching you, remember, ramai doh,fuck I suddenly have parkinson while typing tadi.) and if you have the highest speed, you'll win. Here's what I got (377 points, the average students here got only around 100-150 points):
89 words


Speed Master I am! LOL!

P.S/ There might be a chance of Malaysia holding the World Parcouring championship for next year. It still unconfirmed, but it'll be awesome if it's held here :D


Kuyem said...

"There might be a chance of Malaysia holding the World Parcouring championship for next year."

camne tau..?
& reason malaysia terpilih..?

Anonymous said...

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