Sunday, December 13, 2009

jaybob is the best!!

WTF! jaybob releases all the new movies in DvDrips!! I LOIKE!! Downloading all new movies that I haven't watched in the cinemas! Thanks jaybob. aXXo can GTH now~

oh btw, i bought a fish eye/wide lens for my hdcam and it is asam! and it's bag too! wee! and some silicone cover with the armband for my SONY Walkman. next me wan some batteries for the camera :D :D :D

P.S/ pray for me that I win the Slurpeelicious and Mister Potato. I need your prayers!! ^:)^

-EDIT- And I did won them both!!! Thanks guys!!! The silicone cover for my Walkman arrived last week and I only got to see them last Sunday. It is really good both in quality and price.


siddiq said...

fish eye sux, bulls eye is better..

Kuyem said...
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Kuyem said...

faking asam lps ni bertambah cool la video ko

Cat said...

Mane nk cr jaybob nye vids tu? mininova ke? Ape cite axxo?

Abudi Alsagoff said...

aXXo seems to have slowed down. FXG and FxM seems reliable these days, and jaybob!


but kalau nak releases yg best2, fxg n fxm la. cuma they're slow :(

MegaTraum said...

Abudi . Jaybob is only bigger in torrents. axxo have moved on to rapidshare and there u can get the same Quality. axxo is god .