Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A wee bit of update.

ahh its that time of the year..again...ache here pain there...well that's how things works if you have passion over something.
You feel like there's something wrong or missing if you don't go out and train and have fun with your fellow traceurs friends.
last semester break was truly awesome! Spent the whole semester break for training and i think i may have gone over the limit.! Most of my progression is not what you see since it's not all recorded :-/ but yeah, the time of the year have come and tho shall have some good rest. Conditioning? Hmmm.. Maybe, that's just not something i really like.hahah! I am awesome, i know how to type in ancient english. LOL! On the other hand, sometimes i think that lol doesnt works anymore :-/ hahahahahahaahahahah works better. I've heard people saying the word 'lol' in real life when actually it's supposed to be an acronym.hahahaha!

Speaking of my semester break, aside from training, i got a new console the nintendo wii and this n97 i'm using! I won the wise shake-a-chips contest, thanks to my brother and his friends facial expression born-with-talent. So i spent 'some' time playing the awesome wii and also have downloaded a few more games to be played thru usb! Awesome innit?

And yeah, the project A! I actually spent some 3 or so days before the break was over shooting with the guys, this mini-series is really awesome i can feel it. The storyline is really aweeeeesome and u guys just have to wait for it. I've heard and had lots of good responses about the pilot and people just have so many questions in their mind and they just can't wait to see the next episode! I hope we get people to help us promote this mini series further to all their friends so we can get more responses and more ideas on how or what people like. Watch project A if u haven't already! Go to my last post or to

Oh yeah! And this is my last semester in the foundation of engineering, it's a short semester and i really hope i get to score this semester bad-assly, as in with excellency.heheh. Oh speaking of last semester, suddenly my college's fellow became strict and somehow my not-even-medium-long hair matters...sad, really!hahaha. Why i said not even medium long? Google medium long hair. You'll get what i mean. I've had this question since i'm in high school lagi, why the fuck, i repeat, why the FUCK educational institution in malaysia(governmentals and k8u8i8s,macam azam yg noob,dah ar private, especially) does not allow long hairs?!? It's not neat? Well go shik your gf!haha! Gile lame! Mega lame!

And i can see how the parkour community is growing in malaysia! Tho it's still abit unknown to the elderly, but i can safely say that all teens here in malaysia knows what parkour or at least yamakasi is. Thanks to all that took parts and made this happens! Of course we all play at least little parts of growing pk here. Hehe.

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