Saturday, August 7, 2010

What happens when you die? Are you prepared?

So can you answer yourselves this question?


What happens if one day, you're living your life normally when "suddenly" some car hits on you and you die? Some huge bricks fell off a building and hits you and you die? Some drunk bastard shot you in the head with a gun and you die? Some this and that... you couldn't see it's going to happen. I insists that NOBODY lives forever, no one can deny death. Everyone have faith in it, even the disbeliever. The only problem people nowadays have is , 'the believing in God'.

What happens when you die? Are you prepared to face what's coming to you? And if you would have died and would have seen all the truths, could you come back to this world and tell the stories? Nay! If such have happened in the past, no people in this world would be a disbeliever, not a single person. No people would start saying stuff like, "when people start talking to you about God, quickly disbelieve him". So answer me the question.


Is it ridiculous to live in this temporary world and spend this little time we have here to worship God? Besides, that's the mere ultimate purpose of our creation. God have created men and jinnat just to worship Him alone.

So what are the problems peoples are facing these days? Why they (some of the people) feel that, God created them and sent them to this world to enjoy and do whatever they want with no boundaries, but at the same time, they (some of them too) feel that these is what will make them go to hell? So this must be the human nature/instinct speaking! If such doesn't exist, why people MUST have a religion? Whether the religion is strayed or still divined is out of the question. The question is why must they have a religion? Atheist? No God? There must be once in their life time that they feel that some Being have created them and they would want to know who that Being is. The feeling of 'No God' exists because these peoples have been tested for their beliefs and failed terribly. They have been tested with lost of their property or loved ones or any other unfortunate events that meets them. This is the problem, they only see that God is only making bad things happens to them. But when good things happens to them, they automatically forget about God.They say this is MY hard work,I worked so hard for this! Oh this is natural! And many more stuff like that. So when multiple unfortunate things happened to them, this is when they feel the feeling of 'there's no God', because if there's God, there's no way people would have to suffer in this world etc2. But they don't realise that these tests are so that if they succeed in the tests, they would live easier in the Hereafter. You should know that people that later on successfully entered the Heaven would also feel loss, why? Because in this world they did not spent more time worshipping God. It's the ultimate loss.

When God created the Heaven, He asked the angel, Gabriel to go and see. Thus, after seeing it, Gabriel said that if they could see what it's like, no humans would not want to enter this place! Then God gated Heaven with acts of good deeds such as the solah, zakah and fasting and so on. Then He asks the angel to look at it again. The angel looked at it and said that he's afraid that no one could enter the Heaven now. Same goes to when God created Hell, only He gated the place with the acts of sins like gambling, adultery, and all the actions of fulfilling the nafs (Malay: Hawa Nafsu) and so on. This time the angel are afraid that everyone will be unfortunate enough to enter the place because if one would have seen this place, they will work so hard day and night to avoid entering this place.The point is, we are not living in this world to avoid Hell and enter Heaven in the Hereafter. This is what I always remember: "Do every commands of Allah and leave everything that He forbids just because of Allah!". Because you see, we are the slave of Him, He created us. So we want the ridha of Him. It's like we are the worker for some company, do we have the right to ask our boss, hey boss do for me this and that! no way!

What is the purpose of our existence? Are we like all the plants and animals that are created merely with no purpose (except they are made for us humans)? Why did God created us humans? What should we do and what are sent for? You see this is because it's human nature or instinct (fitra), in no way that no humans would want to know who created them, so they seek. Some of them might ignore these signs of the ultimate need. But in their life, at least once they will feel that there is a being that have created them and that's why we see some people got the guidance and succeed. Succeed in what way we ask? These people that went through the hardships to seek the truth will absolutely be tested of their beliefs.


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