Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yada yada

It's been a very very long time since I update this blog of mine, well, I like to update any random stuff randomly all over the place on the net! Sometimes I feel like sharing little little things, then I'd post it up on twitter, random funny stuff I'd post it up on tumblr and of course, troll stuffs too! Anything parkour/tricking related updates would definitely be posted up on this blog, facebook and youtube(major video edits!)

So recently we found a huge new awesome spot for Parkour, we named it Singapore cause of the looks of it from the Singapore vids! It's gonna be siiiiccckkk training there and I really really hope my right leg is just gonnna heal up soon, it's been annoying me since the last few months, if I remembered correctly, I feel this sharp pain at the side of my hip since last June '10.

Just watched the movie Death Race 2 (thankfully with some spare time), it's a great movie plot because it tells about the rising of Frakenstein in Death Race, but too bad the actings and editing (post-productions) are pretty baaaaddd. I was disappointed when I get to only watch Chase Armitage a few times only and his scenes were very little.

Life's been great with improvements and I am excited to see what's in store for 2011! Gonna be extra careful this year as to avoid any stupid injuries and let's just say I'm gonna do all the movements for a reason every single time. Move for a reason!

On the other note, uni's life is like the norms, quizzes every week (average 4-5) and assignments! Thank god I got me 3 days of weekends, else I'll just be a total nutcase staying here and do all the works! Oh and this maxis berukband have been goood!! Better something than nothing I guess..

We also have major updated our website from the old pkmy.tk to http://www.parkour.my
Think I'm gonna get me my own website too soon! Until I find a true purpose for that. Read CP's blog the other day and I find it great to list down all the target of the year! But I won't list them down here. :)

On a final note, here's something random that's really funny!! (been reading troll sciences and fffffuuuu comics, so funnnneeehhhh!!11!!ONEONenone!!11)

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acap yg mls sign in said...

hahahaha!! yang duit tu bapak best!! just need 80% utk diterima oleh bank...cibai...duit custom bai...